March 29, 2019

Happy April Fool’s day !

Monday is the long awaited day of the year when tricks can be played without getting told off!

In France, kid’s stick paper fish on the backs of their friends and even . . . their teachers!

We have designed some cute fish that can be printed, coloured and cut out for your kids to be as mischievous as ever!

Even Josephine the whale wants to join in!


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Le Voyage d’Olga

March 14, 2019

Olga the Mother goose takes to the skies with her little ones : Bambou, Plumette and Fléchette, discovering the world. High in the sky, they roam over mountains and seas towards far off countries.
Along the way, Chaussette the fox and Petite Chaussette join the happy troop followed by Josephine the blue whale, a reassuring maternal creature and Pom the polar bear.  
A poetic, tender collection that inspires travel.

Climb on to Olga’s back and let your imagination 
take you wherever you wish . . .


Cream, ochre, blue, green . . . with stripes, polka dots, dashes . . .
Colourful, illustrated feathers that are perfect for creating a poetic folk look.
Print them off and use your imagination to recreate the poetic world of Olga in your child’s bedroom.


Download the designs below (making sure that your printer has plenty of ink) and grab some scissors!

Download the feathers here :

Large feathers 1
Large feathers 2
Medium-sized feathers
Small feathers

Glue them to cardboard to strengthen them

Share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #levoyagedolga and @moulin_roty.

We will share them as a story!
We can’t wait to see the results !


• • • • • • •

At Moulin Roty we like spoiling you, and have prepared some amazing screensavers from Olga’s Travels for your phones, computers and tablets!



Download them here :

Telephone : Chaussette Chaussette and OlgaGeese Olga
Computer : Chaussette
Chaussette and OlgaGeese – Olga
Tablet : Chaussette
Chaussette and OlgaGeese – Olga


Good travel ! 

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